Resume Tips

Here are four tips for making your resume click with a prospective employer:

  1. Think like the hiring manager – focus on the job description and the problems that this hiring manager is probably facing. Does your resume show that you are capable of hitting the ground running to solve these problems?
  2. Sacrifice your pride – Are there accomplishments that were great 10 years ago but really aren’t relevant to today’s problems in your industry? Drop them like a hot potato. If that will cause you too much angst, consider reframing the accomplishment into a problem that is relevant for today.
  3. Is it well structured for the hiring manager’s eyeballs? By this I mean, can the eye easily flow through your resume or are there roadblocks, blind alleys or traffic jams where the eye gets stuck and doesn’t continue to advance down the page? If so, start with a clean sheet of paper and design a structure that you can consistently follow throughout the document.
  4. Do your keywords match the job posting? Many companies use keyword search software to determine which resumes might be a good fit for a job. Ensure that you have some of the key words in the job description, particularly those related to skills and education. Also, look at similar job postings on job websites to pick up frequently used keywords for the job category you are seeking.


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