Can a BioBlog Help You Get Your Next Job?

Publicado: septiembre 17, 2010 en Bold Resumes
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I just came across a great book, BioBlogs, Resumes for the 21st Century, by Michael Holley Smith. Both the bioblog and the resume are designed to entice the reader to spend enough time reviewing your text to determine if an interview is warranted.

However, the bioblog breaks through the mold of look-alike standard formatted resumes. It encourages the use of bold background graphics and lively text. It can be considered an art form that will certainly distinguish you from the crowd.

Bioblogs, then, are another example of a Bold Resume Strategy. The secret is to be creative in a way that is relevant to the type of position you are seeking. This includes the background image you choose, the font, the amount and type of text you include.

Should You Use a BioBlog?

Are you wondering if such a bold strategy, adding graphics to your resume, might be a turn-off for for resume reviewers? A key factor to determine if you should use a Bioblog is to ask yourself the following question: Is your current resume working for you? If so, it probably makes sense to continue with your chosen approach. However, if your resume has not opened a lot of doors for you, you might try a Bioblog. You can experiment by submitting a traditional resume to one employer and a bioblog to another and see if you obtain different results. Or resubmit a traditional resume as a bioblog to the same employer and see if the bioblog submission yields a positive response.

Best Occasions to Use A BioBlog

The three best occasions when a BioBlog may give you the edge are:

  • You’re applying for a position where creativity is valued
  • You are applying to a company where creativity is valued
  • Okay, the company of interest is considered stodgy but you’ll only get noticed through a distinctive resume

Watch Out For This BioBlog Gotcha

But here’s the gotcha you must keep in mind. Bioblogs probably won’t work for e-resume submissions. E-resume submissions scan text on a resume, whether in a Word document or XML file, for key words. The background text of a bioblog might interfere with the scanning process, so a bioblog will be effective when a human reads a resume rather than a optiscan reader. Bioblogs should also be considered when you are networking to catch the eye of someone who will pass your resume directly to a hiring manager.

Check Out These Samples

The author of BioBlogs displays samples of bioblogs at his website. It’s work clicking through the archive links on the right sidebar of the website as well to generate some ideas.

What do you think? Could you see using the Bioblog approach for your next resume submission?

Add a comment with your opinion below.



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