How to build a Positive Online Reputation

Publicado: septiembre 5, 2010 en Reputation Management
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Online Reputation Management - Duncan Alney

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It’s good to conduct your own online reputation health check so that you find any malicious or embarrassing content before a potential employer does.   

Here are five steps to ensure you reduce online reputation management negative hits.    

Use caution when accepting an online friend request. Before accepting or even requesting a friend request, check out their content online to ensure that you want to have your name associated with them if an employer follows a link to their site.  

Think twice or even three times before clicking the Post button.  to provide comments under your name.  

Consider using your professional name for only professional sites and content, e.g. LinkedIn and industry specific sites. Use a pseudonym to reflect your personal life social media activities.  

Check your privacy settings to ensure that you have consciously selected the audience that can view your content on a particular site. One of the challenges is to stay aware of changes in social media site privacy policies and options as they can change frequently.  

Check your online profiles by examining the text and images associated with your online account profiles. Again, edit them as necessary to ensure that a sense of professionalism is being conveyed.  

Contribute positively to sites related to your areas of expertise you want to be associated with.  

Join and promote your professional memberships within your profiles and social media sites.  

Finally, Reputation Management expert David Wallace provides additional advice here.  



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