Do You Flunk This Online Reputation Health Check?

Publicado: septiembre 4, 2010 en Reputation Management

Think twice before clicking a Submit button


I’m sure you’ve heard that companies now often check the internet as closely as they check your resume to see if you should be considered for a job. In fact, it is now becoming a routine part of a company’s background checking process.  

Microsoft recently conducted a survey for Data Privacy Day and found:  

  • 79 percent of United States hiring managers and job recruiters surveyed reviewed online information about job applicants
  • 70 percent of United States hiring managers in the study say they have rejected candidates based on what they found
  • The survey also found that not only are HR staffers search for information about job applicants online, most of their companies have made online screening a formal requirement of the hiring process.  

    Do you know how you show up on the internet?

    If not, it’s time for an online reputation management health check. Here are 3 areas to consider in conducting your Social Media Health Check:  

    1. How do you show up on the internet? Start with a Google search but also consider other top search engines (e.g. Yahoo, Bing) and any specific to your profession or activities.  

    Next stop is too directly to your accounts on social media sites such as YouTube, facebook, twitter, Gowalla, Yahoo Groups, MySpace, Foursquare. and review your accounts. Also check any blogs you maintain, Do you see anything that you wouldn’t want your next employer to view? Any controversial posts or pictures, such as heavy drinking, inappropriate behavior or text, or simply embarrassing images? If so, consider deleting or hiding them if that site permits or possibly removing the account completely.  

    2. How do your circle of friends show up on the internet? Of course, the whole point of social media sites is to be social by connecting with your friends and colleagues on the internet. However, there are businesses that actual scour the internet to develop user profiles of users based upon your network of friends.  

    This is a great time to see who you have friended and who has friended you to ensure that there are no unsavory connections that might lead to rejections by employers.  

    3. What content have you posted under your name or identifiable account?  

    Have you posted comments on news, professional, social, sports, music or other sites that you’d like to retract? It may not be that easy if the site is managed by a large company. Try contacting the webmaster for the site, usually listed at the bottom of the website page, or contact them via their Contact Us listings. However, companies may not be obligated or able to retract your comments after you’ve clicked the Post button.  

    After you’ve performed your online reputation help check, the next step is to build your online reputation in a positive manner. Then you will stand out among other candidates when your online presence is check by potential employers.  

    Do you have other resources and tips to share to manage your online reputation?



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